This topic is weighed 7% on exam

Understand persistent volumes and know how to create them.

  • don’t belong to any namespace but are cluster level resources like nodes
persistent volumes
persistent volumes

Understand access modes for volumes.

Understand persistent volume claims primitive.

persistent volume claim

Understand Kubernetes storage objects.

  • emptyDir - simplest type represents a temporary directory that shares a pod’s lifetime.
  • gitRepo - represents a git repository at a particular revision.
  • hostPath - represents a pre-existing file or directory on the host machine that is directly exposed to the container. Use only if you need to read or write system files on the node. Never use them to persist data across pods.
  • nfs

Know how to configure applications with persistent storage.

  • Create a persistent volume claim
persistent volume claim
  • Use persistent volume claim in pod
persistent volume claim

Storage classes for dynamic provisioning