These brief instructions, in no particular order, will help you get started quickly. Study smart, study hard.
certified kubernetes administrator

1. What is Kubernetes and what can it do?

2. Use this website as a study guide for the CKA exam

  • I used the same guide and passed the exam on the first try.
  • I’ll be consistently updating with the most up-to-date resources

3. Download the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam Curriculum Overview

4. Read and understand the candidate handbook

5. Read exam tips


  • Some of the important tips:

    • The online exam consists of a set of 24 performance-based items (problems) to be solved on the command line
    • Exams are delivered online and closely monitored by proctors via webcam, audio, and remote screen viewing
    • There are six clusters that comprise the exam environment, made up of varying numbers of containers, as follows:
Cluster Members CNI Description
k8s 1 etcd, 1 master, 2 worker flannel k8s cluster
hk8s 1 etcd, 1 master, 2 worker calico k8s cluster
bk8s 1 etcd, 1 master, 1 worker flannel k8s cluster
wk8s 1 etcd, 1 master, 2 worker flannel k8s cluster
ek8s 1 etcd, 1 master, 2 worker flannel k8s cluster
ik8s 1 etcd, 1 master, 1 base node loopback k8s cluster - missing worker node

6. Read exam FAQ’s

7. Read and be comfortable agreeing to NDA

8. Study for the exam

  • The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s certification exams are performance-based, which means the only way to ‘study’ for them is to practice, practice, practice.
  • Candidates are encouraged to gain as much hands-on experience as possible in order to build mastery using the command line
  • Some candidates, especially those who are newer to Kubernetes, may also find it valuable to complete a formal training course.

9. Register for the exam